Bricked Bricks A3 by Koen Taselaar

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Koen Taselaar
Bricked Bricks A3
Edition of 20, 5 AP
Glazed Stoneware, 39,5 x 28 cm
Each edition is signed by the artist and unique.

Bricked Bricks A3 by Rotterdam artist Koen Taselaar is the latest limited edition commissioned by Kunstinstituut Melly. Ranging from intricate drawings and abstract silkscreens to flamboyant sculptures, Taselaar’s art making materializes his interest in the unexpected relationship between things. Comprising 20 unique monochrome ceramic tiles and 5 rather more dissenting Artist Proofs, the edition and this booth at Art Rotterdam emerge from the artistic environment currently on view at MELLY—a collaborative work created by Koen Taselaar together with architect Tomas Dirrix, and Loes van Esch and Simone Trum of the graphic-design studio Team Thursday; all Rotterdam-based.

Centering around the decorative potential of bricks, a motif recurrent in the artist’s sculptures and tapestries, Bricked Bricks A3 takes this basic material and object and unravels its decorative potential in contrast to its conventional use in industrial construction. Inspired by photographs capturing architectural mistakes that transform into poetic elements, Taselaar’s creations are formal, minimal, and yet ornate. Bringing the outside in, Taselaar offers a playful perspective on the interplay between materials and design within the context of modern architecture.

By acquiring a unique, signed edition of Bricked Bricks A3, you support Koen Taselaar's artistic practice and contribute to future exhibitions at Kunstinstituut Melly.

Courtesy: andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam

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