Changing Roles: artists’ personal views and wishes

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How are you involved in the art world? Are you related to any specific art scene? What would be the most productive place to present your work? What kind of curators do you like to work with and why? What does the art market mean for your work? In your opinion, what are centers for contemporary art for? What would you like to see them presenting?
These are the open questions asked to every artist who has participated in Witte de With’s program since the beginning of 2006.

The resulting publication reflects upon topics such as the place for art, and the role of the art institution. The book therefore reflects upon the ideas behind the works that have been on show at Witte de With, and gives a voice to their makers:

“We like curators who shield us from bureaucracy”.
Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
“I would show in a shoe box, providing the situation was right”.
Martin Boyce
“The art world is like a snake swallowing its tale”
Tuan Andrew Nguyen
“The job of an art center is to be the spearhead (no, seriously) the spearhead of cultural production. Whatever that means. And however unpleasant it is”.
Matias Faldbakken

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Renske Janssen.


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200 mm x 125 mm

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17 October 2007


Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

The book is available at Witte de With and via the following distributors:

D.A.P., New York (USA only)
online catalogue

Cornerhouse, Manchester (UK and Ireland only)
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Idea Books, Amsterdam, (The Netherlands and all other countries)
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