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JET – it’s not a plane, it’s not a girl’s name, it’s a book about art is a publication about contemporary art and has been made by a group of five young people, the Junior Editorial Team (JET). In JET, various themes, artists, disciplines, philosophies, ideas, opinions, continents and cultures are intertwined, which show the diversity of contemporary art and society.

JET encourages readers to look, think, talk and ask questions about art. In this publication you will find DIY-tips, cartoons, many different artworks, a fictional story and interviews with artists and art professionals.

JET – it’s not a plane, it’s not a girl’s name, it’s a book about art includes interviews with Marc Bijl, Edith Dekyndt, William Hunt, Randa Shaath and Levi van Veluw. ‘DIY-tips’ are from Tauba Auerbach, David Blandy, Geoffrey Farmer, Ryan Gander, Gareth Moore, Vanessa Jan Phaff and Lawrence Weiner. The JET team was supported by: author Sam Gerrits, cartoonist TRIK, photographer Petra Stavast, designers Kristin Metho en Jeroen Kummer (Kummer en Herrman) and the entire Witte de With staff.

This publication is a collaborative project between Witte de With and Junior Editorial Team (JET): Faye Holdert, Joris de Jong, Judith Leijdekkers, Sammie Oostrum and Esra Yalçiner