WdW Review: Arts, Culture, and Journalism in Revolt, Vol. 1 (2013–2016)

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This publication is an anthology of the thoughts and reflections that have been published on Witte de With’s online platform WdW Review since its inception in 2013, bringing together the platform’s four sections — namely Desks, Think, Image, and Sediments — as a printed collection of essays, cartoons, and image readings.

Vol. 1.1 (2016-2017) is now also released in printed form.

wdwreview.org is fully archived on wdw.nl and can be accesed here.


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Editors in Chief
Defne Ayas, Adam Kleinman

Naim Al Khatib, Natalia Antonova, Defne Ayas, Sarnath Banerjee, Maria Barnas, Adam Bobbette, James Bridle, Ilya Budraitskis, Evan Calder Williams, Maria Chehonadskih, Tyler Coburn, Stephen Crowe, Ekaterina Degot, Sarah Demeuse, Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu, Ben Eastham, Yasmine El Rashidi, Tristan Garcia, Orit Gat, Natasha Ginwala, Patrick Goddard, Jacqueline Hassink, Gabriela Jauregui, Ruchir Joshi, Natalie Kane, Angie Keefer, Stefan Keidel, Adam Kleinman, Erden Kosova, Sholem Krishtalka, Nick Land, Patrick Langley, Quinn Latimer, Ksenia Leonova, Jessica Loudis, Guy Mannes-Abbott, John Menick, Naeem Mohaiemen, Alexander Morozov, Pedro Neves Marques, Ingo Niermann, Ou Ning, Vincent Normand, Alexandra Novozhenova, Ana Ofak, Dan Perjovschi, Bertrand Prévost, Bas Princen, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Theodor Ringborg, Pablo Rojas, Binnaz Saktanber, Mohammad Salemy, Frank van der Salm, Willem Schinkel, Matthew Schum, Alev Scott, Benedict Seymour, Avinoam Shalem, Mariana Silva, Jules Spinatsch, Stephen Squibb, Martine Stig, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Danna Vajda & Winnie T. Frick, Yanis Varoufakis, Julia Weist, Alena Williams, Kate Zambreno, Vivian Ziherl, Amy Zion and Tirdad Zolghadr.

Managing Editor (online)
Orit Gat

Print Coordinators
Maria-Louiza Ouranou, Wendy Bos

Copy Editor
Marnie Slater

Image Editors
Frank van der Stok & Pedro Neves Marques

Remco van Bladel, Andrea Spikker

ISBN 978-94-91435-47-8

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands

All rights reserved. © the artists, authors, and Witte de With, Rotterdam, 2016

Published with the support of
SAHA Association

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is supported by
City of Rotterdam (DKC) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW)

Additional Acknowledgements
Virginie Bobin, Amira Gad, De Heren van Design (Ritchy and MichaelHöhne), Spring Workshop and Mimi Brown, Stimuleringsfonds