Art Editions

Kunstinstituut Melly’s art editions range from works on paper to resin and porcelain sculptures. To create these art editions, we select one of the participating artists of our exhibitions program every year. The art edition is then premiered the following year at Art Rotterdam, the international contemporary art fair in The Netherlands.

The monotypes of artist Federico Herrero were commissioned after the artist’s transformative room-size painting, Open Envelope (2018) realized in Kunstinstituut Melly’s ground-floor gallery. Each monotype is unique and dynamically features abstract shapes in a color palette distinctive of the artist’s pictorial language.

Our exhibition retrospective of Cecilia Vicuña’s artistic trajectory gave global visibility to her decades-long practice. Centering on one of the most deserving intellectuals of our times, this deserving exhibition was presented at numerous institutions between 2019 and 2022. In conjunction, the artist realized a silkscreen edition based on her early works about political solidarity.

A set of original sculptures by Bouke de Vries followed the artist’s participation in an international group exhibition dealing with migrations of forms and specifically focused on tracing blue and white ceramics in colonial and regional trade routes, as much as nationalist narratives. The contour of De Vries’ art edition is a centuries-old porcelain vase that he found broken into thirty different pieces; the fragments of which are encased within each of the thirty editions.

Christian Vinck’s personal experience of migration inspired a central theme in his solo exhibition: flight. Featuring more than 200 paintings of oil on canvas, the artist pictures images inspired by oral histories and urban legends that culturally inform the part of the Caribbean, Venezuela. Created in conjunction is a special edition of silkscreen prints through which he maps and illustrates an unofficial history of aviation in Latin America.

Simon Fujiwara’s art edition features an existential portrait of ‘Who the Baer’, the protagonist of his 2021 solo exhibition at Kunstinstituut Melly. The artist created this figure during the 2020 Covid-pandemic lockdown. Since then, he has been using this cartoon subject to address the complex mechanisms involved in defining oneself in an image-dominated world.

In 2023, Kunstinstituut Melly presented a tulip-pressed diptych collage by Jennifer Tee. This art edition is presented in tandem with the artist’s solo exhibition, which brings together all of the artist’s collages created since 2013 to date, which are inspired by Tampan weavings from Southern Sumatra.